Learning with Feynman Technique

Deeply understand a complex subject in a rapid timeframe and remember for years.

To good to be true .. try it you’ll be amazed. Incredibly efficient and effective, the key is to use simple terminology to explain complex subject matter.

I’ve been using this for a while now and with a notoriously bad memory, using this technique I’ve really been surprised with the results.

Essentially broken down into:

  1. Write the name of the concept that you need to understand on paper
  2. Write in simple language the material as though you were teaching to someone else who didn’t know the subject at all. The idea here is that you identify the gaps in your knowledge and reinforce a deeper level of grasp of those concepts you do
  3. If you get stuck go back to reference material and study. 
  4. If your simple language is too wordy, go back and try to break this down further. I’ve found at this point the tendency is that if you don’t fully understand a subject you struggle to explain thing simply ! Using analogies is a good way to express ideas 
  5. For extensive subjects, try to completely cover the material in your simple notes without needing to go back reference materials

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